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We should like to welcome all nature lovers to the wonderful world of insects on our web. Both the expert and the layman will be equally enthralled by the beauty of the specimens that comprise our web.

The collector will discover other forms of collecting butterflies in addition to the traditional method of boxes and needles; the " Lepidoteca System ®" , which, as can be seen, permits the storing of large numbers of lepidoptera in a small space, such as a library, or perhaps more appropriately, the "Lepidotheque".

Our aim is that these pages present, to our present and future clients, to experts and to those just discovering the fascinating insect world, the products and services that La Lepidoteca® offers all collectors to enable them to complete their desired collection. Should a rare specimen not be found on our web, please contact us, we are sure to have it in stock or to be able to supply it.





Colección clásica, cajas y alfileres
Traditional system
Needles & Boxes

Detalle de la colección lepidóptero-filatélica
The only one in the wordl that allows to reunite in a album the seal and the object in represented one

Albúm para coleccionar por el "Sistema Lepidoteca"
Lepidotecasystem ®,
Collectión in álbum, The solution to the annoying problem of space that we suffer all the collectors

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