You can carry out your purchases:

  • In our facilities:
    Gran Via Corts Catalanes, 318, mezzanine 3ª
    (We requested to arrange previous appointment, calling to phone 933257155 or 615 659 610, since not always we are in them)
  • Against-reimbursement:
    We sent to you, perfectly packed, by certified mail your order and it payments to the reception of the same one.
  • If you reside outside Spain:
    You must previously send the amount of your order, either by Western Union, or by banking tranferencia or bank check.
    To the reception of the amount, we will come to envoice you the parcel, by the means that you indicate to us:

    a) Certified mail
    (he is economic and slowest)

    b) Messenger: UPS, SEUR, DHL, etc...,
    (more expensive and more express)

The packages go prepared to resist the treatment badly that are used to giving anyone him of mentioned means. The specimens are placed between cottons in rigid plastic cases, completing the packing with the paper wrapper in which it appears the delivery direction.


Empaquetado individual de specimen grande
Packed individual of great specimen
Ensobrado habitual de lepidópteros
Lepidoptera´s usual papered
Empaquetado individual de coleópteros
Coleoptera´individual wrapper
Paquete final
Final parcel

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