Lepidoptera - philately collections  

The Lepidoptera-Philatelic Collection

If great interest to collectors of butterfly stamps. Real specimens can be added to your stamp collection, thereby increasing its value. The butterflies are prepared with the Lepidoteca System; the body of the butterfly is replaced by a felt reproduction of the original profile. This allows the specimen to be placed in a small wallet next to the stamp.





Our idea won the Dirección General de Correos Prize at the National Philatelic Exhibition "Barnafil 78" and later to that the "Banca Catalana" Trophy in " Exifil Cataluña" in 1985.

If you already have the stamps, please let us know which species you are interested in and we shall send them already prepared and placed in the wallet. We also provide album-museums specially designed for these collections together with leaves for the same.


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La única en el mundo que permite reunir en un álbum el sello y el objeto en él representado

Sistema Lepidoteca®,
Los sellos se guardan junto al ejemplar real en ellos epresentados, en estos álbumes especialmente diseñados para tal fin.

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